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Simplygon in Unity

Through Simplygon Cloud, Unity users are able to automatically create LODs and other optimized 3D models directly from within the Unity Editor. The Simplygon plug-in is available for download in the Unity Asset Store.

With Simplygon in Unity it is possible to use LODs in a game regardless of team size or budget. Otherwise a very time-consuming and expensive process, now anyone can sign up and automatically generate LOD models directly from within Unity. Access Simplygon with an affordable pay-per-usage model based on credits – or even for free!

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How It Works

In Unity, Simplygon works as an editor plug-in to your Unity Project. You can access and set all the parameters you want for your optimized model, such as number of LOD steps; reduction ratio; and which Simplygon Components to use. Then when you click the Simplygon logo your asset is sent to our Simplygon Cloud servers where it is optimized. Each asset and optimization counts as one "job" on the servers. You can then preview the result of the job and as soon as you are happy you can download and use your new LOD model.


Polygon reduction the Simplygon way. Our unique methods reduce triangles intelligently and the result is an automated process that guarantees a pixel-perfect LOD chain generation.

A unique and revolutionary technology, ProxyLOD generates an ultra-lightweight replacement mesh for one or more input meshes. This results in a drastic reduction in both poly-count and number of draw calls. Further reduce draw calls using Simplygon's automated material retexturing and casting solution, to create texture atlases to replace multiple, complex materials.

Simplygon Cloud can be used completely for free, given your assets and settings are within the limitations. Using the Free Server also means your assets are subjected to a queue, where the waiting time is based on how many others are using the service at the same time.

Free vs Paid

Use the Free Server, or pay with Simplygon Credits to skip the queue. Find what works for you! Perhaps a majority of free jobs and occasionally spending credits; or, if you are building games professionally in Unity, buy a big pack of credits and disable free jobs, for access to advanced features and greater efficiency.

Use for Free

Simplygon Cloud can be used completely for free, given your assets and settings are within the limitations. Using the Free Server also means your assets are subjected to a queue, where the waiting time is based on how many others are using the service at the same time.

Pay with Credits

As soon as you pay for the optimization job with credits you can use much more advanced features and you also immediately skip the server queue. Once you have paid for a job you can redo the process until you are satisfied. As long as you do not change the parameters enough to incur a higher cost, you can re-process a job for free within 24 hours. We will keep your model on the server for 24 hours so you do not need to upload the asset again.

Get started for free, pay as you go





Value $100


Value $300


Value $1,500

Credits - 100 300 1,500
Simultaneous jobs 1 10 10 10
Server queue Standard Priority Priority Priority
Preview Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free re-processing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max triangles 60,000 500,000 500,000 500,000
MaterialLOD size 512 x 512 2048 x 2048 2048 x 2048 2048 x 2048
ProxyLOD pixel size 200 1,500 1,500 1,500
No. of LOD per job 1 10 10 10
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1 Credit = $1

You can purchase credit packs for savings

Inspect before you pay

Credits are charged after you accept a job

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I start using Simplygon in Unity?
A: Go to and register.
Install the plugin from Unity Asset store:

Q: What versions of Unity does Simplygon support?
A: Simplygon works for Unity 4.x for all platforms.

Q: How will Simplygon be priced?
A: You pay as you go, using Simplygon credits. Each asset is priced individually and the cost of each optimization job is decided by the complexity of the asset and the optimization settings.

Q: How much will a LOD of my asset cost?
A: The more complex the asset and the settings are, the more credits it will cost. 1 credit is priced at 1$ but you can buy credit packs for discount.

Q: Can I get my credits back if I’m not happy with the result?
A: If you are not happy with the result we will do our best to refund you.

Q: Can I do other things while my assets are being processed?
A: Yes, Unity might slow down for a second while exporting and importing but while our servers are working on your LODs you and your machine are free to do other things.

Q: Can I reprocess a LOD if I’m not happy with the result?
A: Yes. To do this click on the Load button on the bottom of the Simplygon interface under the Auto LOD tab. Navigate to and select the settings-file for the LOD you want to reprocess.
The settings of a reprocess is limited compared to making a new process.
You can only reprocess up to 48h after the original LOD was made. After that we remove the asset from our servers.

Q: How do I Save a LOD-setting?
A: After configuring the Simplygon plugin to produce LODs you are satisfied with you can save that setup by clicking the save button on the bottom of the Auto LOD tab.

Q: Can I use the settings of one LOD to create another?
A: Yes, start by loading the settings file for that LOD (located in the same folder as the LOD). You will now get the screen for reprocessing that LOD. If you now click

Q: How long can I wait to download a processed LOD?
A: We are currently saving all assets for 48h after that it will be removed from our servers.

Q: What settings should I use to get optimal result?
A: That depends on a variety of things. What asset do you want to optimize? For what do you want to optimize? You can find a lot examples and information on our forum.

Q: Where will Simplygon be available?
A: Everywhere where there is internet! We currently have server parks in Europe, America and APAC.

Q: UDK is free and includes Simplygon, what’s up with that?
A: We have a royalty based deal with Epic.

Q: How will I pay for Simplygon?
A: During the open Beta Simplygon will be free.

Q: How long is the beta going to last?
A: For two months until the last of October.

Q: How many meshes can I process at the same time?
A: There is no upper limit however the exporting and importing process will be very time-consuming when using hundreds of meshes.

Q: How big assets can Simplygon process?
A: There is no real limit however Unity only supports 65 000 triangles / mesh.

Q: Will my assets be safe on your servers?
A: Yes, all information is encrypted and no assets are saved more than 48hours.

Q: How do I add the LODs I created into a LOD-group with distance switching?
A: If you are a Unity Pro user you can use The Unity functionality. Read about it in the manual: . Otherwise you will have to wait for us to make is feature or implement it yourself.

Q: How do you handle LOD transitions?
A: We are currently not handling any LOD-grouping or switching.  Unity has a built in functionality for static switching.

Q: How do I create a proxy LOD out of several assets?
A: Click GameObject > Create Empty
Add your assets to this GameObject.
Highlight the GameObjekt and create your ProxyLOD from that.
I cannot upload my assets. Status (in the jobs tab) says "created” and I get no error message.
- Your firewall is blocking the data from being sent. Change firewall settings to allow outbound communication on port 21 as well as ports 50000-55000. Ask your network administrator if you don’t know how to.

Q: How does Simplygon compare with other polygon reduction tools?
A: The best way to know is of course to try it yourself.