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Working in Sweden

We have offices in Linköping and Uppsala. Both cities are great locations to work and live in. The office in Linköping is nearby the train station, beautifully located just along the Stångån river. In Uppsala, the office is downtown, surrounded by restaurants and easy transportation.

Competitive salary

We believe that the experience and skills you bring to the table should be valued accordingly.

Paid Time Off

As a full time employee, we offer you 25 days of paid holiday. Therefore, including Sweden´s public holidays, you can get up to 38 days off per year.


Our standard business hours are flexible to meet your personality, whether you are an early bird or late riser.

Health & Fitness

We want you to be healthy, so we offer paid memberships to full-service gyms or an allowance for individual training/fitness activities.


The healthcare service in Sweden is very accessible and offers medical and dental care at very reasonable costs. We sign you up for an individual medical insurance so that you can get immediate medical help if necessary. Additionally, vision is covered under our insurance plan.

Food & Drink

We always have fresh fruit and drinks available, and every Tuesday we provide a complementary company lunch.

Social Events

We have regular workshops where we share a variety of information from product development to market exploration or internal affairs. We also regularly plan after works, BBQ nights with families and other social activities.


Phones, tablets, triple display setup, devkits such as VR/AR HDMs including Vive, Rift and HoloLens, cutting edge computer hardware, you name it - we´ll provide you with whatever you need in order to get your job done.