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The world’s best game studios use Simplygon to automate assets & scene optimization

What we do


Used by over 80% of the top publishers Simplygon earned its reputation from some of the most discerning experts in the industry...




Recent productions that used Simplygon


Sólfar used Simplygon to create a mind-blowing experience with Everest VR, by optimizing the huge quantity of scan data required to produce the game.

Eve Valkyrie

Valkyrie was one of the first VR titles released on the Occulus platform. Simplygon was used to help meet the extreme performance demands in VR development.


Telltale used Simplygon to create high quality LOD models, meshes and scenes that reduced the size of the in-game models, while optimizing the performance of the game for a large range of different platforms.

The Witcher 3

Simplygon was used to automatically create multiple Levels of Detail in the graphics development of the PC, Xbox ONE, and PlayStation®4 versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


For Paragon, Simplygon is used in the new HLOD feature in UE4. It enables artists to create high resolution scenes while still maintaining performance over long view distances.

AAA Mobile

Korea is leading the way in games with very rich content on AAA mobile, Simplygon is crucial in making this possible with extreme automation of 3D optimization.


Ninja Theory builds visually outstanding games with small teams. Pipeline efficiency is one of the key pillars in making that work. Simplygon fits perfectly into this, freeing up artists’ time to push the visual bar.

Forza Horizon

The expertise of Simplygon in Level of Details enables racing games to have outstanding graphics and details for high quality assets.

PlayStation VR

Simplygon is a powerful tool to optimize thousands of assets and hit those crucial 120 FPS necessary for great experiences in VR.



Simplygon powered Development Pipeline

The Simplygon infused pipeline allows to tune performance by touching a lot of assets and different platforms rapidly with a unique setup.



Simplygon is for you

Simplygon empowers producers, tech artists, developers and 3D artists to work together to create the highest-quality 3D experiences possible, for any platform, without manual drudgery or costly code.

Tech Artists

Gives flexibility in the build pipeline and manages setups for a variety of character and environment assets.

3D Artists

Frees up artists’ time for creative work. Eliminates 30% of artist time spent on tedious optimization tasks.


Enables to automate a very costly part of the production and reduce risks. Supports multiple platforms and offers endless possibilities for games.

Powerful features


Auto LOD creation

Create stunning LOD changes on all asset types.

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Material Aggregation

Auto UV unwrapping and texture merging, works with advanced next-gen shaders.

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Hierarchical Level of Detail

Create large environments and utilize Simplygon to simplify multiple complex objects into a cheap representation object.


Processing Language

The entire API exposed to the command line or config files.

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Perfect Per Platform

Automatically optimize for VR, Mobile, PC & Console.


Life's a Batch

Orders of magnitude faster with SPL & the Simplygon grid.


Tight Integration

Max, Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity or any where with our SDK

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Best File Format Ever

The Simplygon Scene Format (SSF). Full source code included.


Can Touch This

Customize - your Workflow Editor and choose editable settings.

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Latest and greatest

Simplygon 8 in 8 minutes


Microsoft acquires Simplygon!

We’re excited to announce that Simplygon has been acquired by Microsoft!

17/1/2017 Share

Funcom uses Simplygon in the development of the upcoming Conan Exiles

Simplygon is an integral part of the development of Conan Exiles within Unreal Engine 4.

1/12/2016 Share

Simplygon at VRX USA

Don´t miss the panel discussion with Simplygon´s CEO: "Killer apps for VR beyond gaming & entertainment".

28/11/2016 Share

Enabling the future of 3D content development with open access to Simplygon

Simplygon is taking a bold step towards enabling the future of development across VR, AR and MR, through an open access pricing model for our technology.

24/10/2016 Share

Simplygon enables mobile game release

Submerged for iOS fully relied on Simplygon optimization and the HLOD feature.

9/9/2016 Share

Simplygon is attending DICE Europe

This year, Simplygon´s co-Founder will be leading a roundtable at DICE Europe.

5/9/2016 Share

How Simplygon made Augmented History possible

Simplygon was used to create a new app bringing people 1400 years ago just by holding a phone or tablet.

25/8/2016 Share

Simplygon supports VR Summer Academy

Upload VR and Make School collaborated to create the VR Summer Academy that has for mission to accelerate the success of VR by improving developer´s skills.

23/8/2016 Share

SIGGRAPH 2016 is just around the corner

Come and meet the Simplygon team at booth #264.

21/7/2016 Share

Why Simplygon might be one of the most important companies in VR

Learn more about why Simplygon is so important in VR´s future.

19/7/2016 Share

Simplygon optimization of a CAD asset for Microsoft HoloLens

Discover the new Labs category of the Simplygon youtube channel.

18/7/2016 Share

Simplygon Interview at Upload E3 Party

Simplygon´s CEO and Evangelist were interviewed at Upload E3 party about the future of VR.

6/7/2016 Share

Simplygon at the Swedish affair - SACC LA

The SACC of LA hosted an event about the future of technology during the week of E3 and Simplygon was there.

5/7/2016 Share

Simplygon used in Nintendo´s Star Fox Zero

Nintendo’s recent release, Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, relied on Simplygon optimization.

12/5/2016 Share

Interview: How Fatshark used Simplygon in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

We interviewed Fatshark to know more about why and how Simplygon was used in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide.

26/4/2016 Share

VR pioneer helps brands to become like Tesla

VR company Donya Labs expects to increase sales by 70 percent this year. The company is now helping several automakers following the same trend as Tesla.

18/4/2016 Share

2K uses Simplygon to improve creation of franchise titles

Simplygon has been used in the creation of 2K titles including Mafia III, Battleborn™ and other future 2K titles.

9/2/2016 Share

See you at GDC San Francisco

It´s that time again! We are looking forward to seeing you at GDC.

12/1/2016 Share

Simplygon 7.1 now available

The 7.1 version of Simplygon is now available with new features and multiple improvements.

15/12/2015 Share

Konami uses Simplygon to enhance the development of Metal Gear Solid V

Production time for “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” reduced by 10 Man Months using Simplygon.

30/11/2015 Share