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Automagic 3D Optimization

Latest news

Simplygon partners with Telltale Games

Telltale Games is using Simplygon to optimize the 3D art assets for their critically-acclaimed games series, including Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

14/4/2015 Share

Play a LOD game with Simplygon

Will you be able to spot the difference between these 5 LODs created with Simplygon? Play and Win 1 Free month of Pro Account.

16/3/2015 Share

Simplygon is big in Japan

PlatinumGames today announced that Platinum Studios created the critically acclaimed hit game Bayonetta 2 using Simplygon.

26/2/2015 Share

It's already GDC 2015!

The Simplygon Team is very excited to be attending GDC in San Francisco for the 5th year in a row.

4/2/2015 Share

Draw call reduction with Simplygon Cloud

Simplygon is very powerful to help you manage and reduce textures. Your game will run better thanks to Simplygon.

27/1/2015 Share

Simplygon at Dice Summit 2015

Simplygon will be attending DICE Summit 2015 in Las Vegas on February 3-5.

21/1/2015 Share

Simplygon sponsoring PG Connects London

Good start for 2015! Simplygon is sponsoring Pocket Gamer Connects in London, January 13-14.

8/1/2015 Share

3D scan optimization with Simplygon

Simplygon can do amazing triangle reductions and maintain the volume of your 3D scan assets.

18/12/2014 Share

Thanks for a great AU 2014!

The Simplygon team is very happy for your participation at Autodesk University 2014. The show was a big success for us.

15/12/2014 Share

Simplygon for engineering and design

Simplygon can easily optimize and heal assets exported from CAD tools.

10/12/2014 Share

Simplygon for architecture and infrastructure

Simplygon is very useful to optimize architectural assets that come from CAD tools.

8/12/2014 Share

Cloud PRO now includes 30 hours on servers

The Simplygon Cloud Pro offer has been extended. You can now enjoy 30 hours of optimization per month.

28/11/2014 Share

Simplygon Cloud-based 3D asset optimization platform

Simplygon Cloud allows users to access the powerful Simplygon 3D model and digital content optimizer on any device with an internet connection.

27/11/2014 Share

Simplygon Cloud integrated in Maya

Simplygon Cloud is fully integrated into Maya and very easy-to-use.

26/11/2014 Share

Cost effective LOD optimization

Simplygon’s co-founder Martin Ekdal answered the questions of GamingBolt about PS4/Xbox One, Unreal Engine 4, DirectX 12 and the ever-growing importance of LOD.

25/11/2014 Share

Simplygon Cloud free in 3DS Max

Simplygon Cloud is now integrated with 3d Studio Max and is very easy to use.

24/11/2014 Share

Simplygon Cloud free in Unity

Simplygon Cloud is now fully integrated into Unity. You can use Simplygon for automatically creating stunning LOD chains in seconds and make your game run better.

20/11/2014 Share

Next generation of Simplygon Cloud

Cloud-based platform gives anyone creating 3D assets the ability to easily optimize their projects with Simplygon.

19/11/2014 Share

Simplygon is attending Autodesk University 2014

Simplygon is sponsoring Autodesk University at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, visit us Booth 179. And don´t miss our class about converting CAD assets!

18/11/2014 Share

Simplygon Cloud is live!

Simplygon Cloud is up and running. Our cloud makes 3D-optimization very accessible for anyone creating 3D models or doing 3D printing and 3D scanning.

17/11/2014 Share