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Automagic 3D Optimization



“I think Simplygon is one of the best calls we made on this project.”
Colin Penty, Microsoft

Latest news

Simplygon used in Nintendo´s Star Fox Zero

Nintendo’s recent release, Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, relied on Simplygon optimization.

12/5/2016 Share

Interview: How Fatshark used Simplygon in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

We interviewed Fatshark to know more about why and how Simplygon was used in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide.

26/4/2016 Share

VR pioneer helps brands to become like Tesla

VR company Donya Labs expects to increase sales by 70 percent this year. The company is now helping several automakers following the same trend as Tesla.

18/4/2016 Share

2K uses Simplygon to improve creation of franchise titles

Simplygon has been used in the creation of 2K titles including Mafia III, Battleborn™ and other future 2K titles.

9/2/2016 Share

See you at GDC San Francisco

It´s that time again! We are looking forward to seeing you at GDC.

12/1/2016 Share

Simplygon 7.1 now available

The 7.1 version of Simplygon is now available with new features and multiple improvements.

15/12/2015 Share

Konami uses Simplygon to enhance the development of Metal Gear Solid V

Production time for “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” reduced by 10 Man Months using Simplygon.

30/11/2015 Share

Simplygon won the "Best Technical Innovation" Award

Simplygon is very proud to be recognized and highly supported by the games industry.

18/11/2015 Share

Tutorials: Remeshing in Unreal Engine 4 using Simplygon

Game content can be optimized very easily in Unreal Engine 4 with Simplygon. Check out the new tutorials of Simplygon.

22/10/2015 Share

Simplygon nominated for the TIGA Awards 2015

Simplygon is delighted to be nominated for the TIGA Awards 2015 in two categories "Engines, Middleware, Tools and Tech" and "Technical Innovation".

23/9/2015 Share

FromSoftware uses Simplygon in the Creation of Playstation 4 Bloodborne

Total production time reduced by 20 Man Months as Simplygon becomes the equivalent of a dedicate developer.

11/8/2015 Share

Simplygon and Ubisoft partner to optimize development of multiple AAA game franchises

Simplygon is being used in Far Cry Game series as well as other key titles.

23/7/2015 Share

Simplygon nominated for the CG Awards 2015

Simplygon nominated for the CG Awards 2015 in the Software Innovation category.

9/7/2015 Share

Simplygon reduces polycount of Dying Light´s key assets by 70 percent

Simplygon speeds up development of the popular action survival game by automating and optimizing the art asset creation process.

11/6/2015 Share

Interview: Simplygon´s New CEO

After years advising the company, Matt Connors has now stepped up as the new CEO of Simplygon. Read the interview by Develop Online.

29/5/2015 Share

Simplygon Speaker at Shayla Games

Simplygon´s CPO and Co-founder will present "3D optimization for VR & AR" at Shayla Games 2015.

13/5/2015 Share

Matt Connors to lead Simplygon as CEO

Matt Connors has joined Simplygon as CEO to accelerate the company’s growth worldwide.

8/5/2015 Share

Simplygon used in Resident Evil Revelations 2

Simplygon™ continues to establish itself as the best choice for 3D Optimization of episodic entertainment.

23/4/2015 Share

Simplygon partners with Telltale Games

Telltale Games is using Simplygon to optimize the 3D art assets for their critically-acclaimed games series, including Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

14/4/2015 Share

Play a LOD game with Simplygon

Will you be able to spot the difference between these 5 LODs created with Simplygon? Play and Win 1 Free month of Pro Account.

16/3/2015 Share