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Automagic 3D Optimization

Latest news

FromSoftware uses Simplygon in the Creation of Playstation 4 Bloodborne

Total production time reduced by 20 Man Months as Simplygon becomes the equivalent of a dedicate developer.

11/8/2015 Share

Simplygon and Ubisoft partner to optimize development of multiple AAA game franchises

Simplygon is being used in Far Cry Game series as well as other key titles.

23/7/2015 Share

Simplygon nominated for the CG Awards 2015

Simplygon nominated for the CG Awards 2015 in the Software Innovation category.

9/7/2015 Share

Simplygon reduces polycount of Dying Light´s key assets by 70 percent

Simplygon speeds up development of the popular action survival game by automating and optimizing the art asset creation process.

11/6/2015 Share

Interview: Simplygon´s New CEO

After years advising the company, Matt Connors has now stepped up as the new CEO of Simplygon. Read the interview by Develop Online.

29/5/2015 Share

Simplygon Speaker at Shayla Games

Simplygon´s CPO and Co-founder will present "3D optimization for VR & AR" at Shayla Games 2015.

13/5/2015 Share

Matt Connors to lead Simplygon as CEO

Matt Connors has joined Simplygon as CEO to accelerate the company’s growth worldwide.

8/5/2015 Share

Simplygon used in Resident Evil Revelations 2

Simplygon™ continues to establish itself as the best choice for 3D Optimization of episodic entertainment.

23/4/2015 Share

Simplygon partners with Telltale Games

Telltale Games is using Simplygon to optimize the 3D art assets for their critically-acclaimed games series, including Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

14/4/2015 Share

Play a LOD game with Simplygon

Will you be able to spot the difference between these 5 LODs created with Simplygon? Play and Win 1 Free month of Pro Account.

16/3/2015 Share

Simplygon is big in Japan

PlatinumGames today announced that Platinum Studios created the critically acclaimed hit game Bayonetta 2 using Simplygon.

26/2/2015 Share

It's already GDC 2015!

The Simplygon Team is very excited to be attending GDC in San Francisco for the 5th year in a row.

4/2/2015 Share

Draw call reduction with Simplygon Cloud

Simplygon is very powerful to help you manage and reduce textures. Your game will run better thanks to Simplygon.

27/1/2015 Share

Simplygon at Dice Summit 2015

Simplygon will be attending DICE Summit 2015 in Las Vegas on February 3-5.

21/1/2015 Share

Simplygon sponsoring PG Connects London

Good start for 2015! Simplygon is sponsoring Pocket Gamer Connects in London, January 13-14.

8/1/2015 Share

3D scan optimization with Simplygon

Simplygon can do amazing triangle reductions and maintain the volume of your 3D scan assets.

18/12/2014 Share

Thanks for a great AU 2014!

The Simplygon team is very happy for your participation at Autodesk University 2014. The show was a big success for us.

15/12/2014 Share

Simplygon for engineering and design

Simplygon can easily optimize and heal assets exported from CAD tools.

10/12/2014 Share

Simplygon for architecture and infrastructure

Simplygon is very useful to optimize architectural assets that come from CAD tools.

8/12/2014 Share

Cloud PRO now includes 30 hours on servers

The Simplygon Cloud Pro offer has been extended. You can now enjoy 30 hours of optimization per month.

28/11/2014 Share