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Release notes

Version 8.1

General bug fixes


Version 8.0

New API features

  • Remeshing
    • It is now possible to set a clipping geometry, which can be used to perform boolean operations on the process geometry. Like clipping plane, but using geometry.
    • MergeBoldness setting added to control the aggressiveness of the merging set with MergeDistance. Defaults to 0.5, set to 1 to replicate old behavior.

API changes

  • Materials and textures can now only be defined by using shading networks, the old legacy material system has been removed.
  • The IsSRGB flag has been removed and replaced with the OutputSRGB flag, to better correspond with its actual function when using node-based materials.

New Simplygon UI

  • New UI with full support for SPL and Simplygon Grid.

Simplygon Grid

  • Distributed process solution.

Simplygon Batch

  • Batch utility with SPL and Simplygon Grid support.

General bug fixes


Version 7.1

New API features

  • Aggregation
    • Chart aggregation now support per-vertex weights for texture sizing.
  • Remeshing
    • AllowTransparencyMapping flag in the mapping image settings now allows for low-res remeshings to correctly map transparency to the areas of the texture that should recieve it. For example, a fence remeshed into a solid "wall" gets 0 opacity in between original individual boards.
    • You can now get a selection set containing the generated geometry output by the remesher, in complex scenes it was a bit hard to know where exactly it ended up.
  • Visibility
    • Support for orthographic cameras
    • Added PixelFOV setting to regulate the precision of perspective cameras.
    • Added OrthographicPixelSize setting to regulate the precision of ortho cameras.
    • Added setting for culling not only invisible triangles, but also triangles that don't cast shadow to anything, for shadow mapping purposes.

Experimental/Beta API features

  • Reduction
    • Added curvature importance.
  • OcclusionMeshProcessor
    • New processor for generating occlusion meshes for culling passes.
  • ShadowMeshProcessor
    • New processor for generating shadow meshes for cheap shadow mapping. Very early state, not recommended.

API changes

  • More settings have been made available to allow fields to be set by name rather than by id.

C# support

  • C# API wrapper for the C++ API

Simplygon processing language

  • Introducing SPL, json based scripting language used for batch processing via SPLConsole.

Batch Utility

  • Source code for batch utility.

General bug fixes


Version 7.0

With this major release we've taken the opportunity to streamline the API a bit, and hence some old flags and settings have been removed. All old functionality remains.

New API features

  • Scene
    • SelectionSets added. With these, you can selectively process only a subset of a specific scene. Each scene contains a SelectionSetTable, which in turn SelectionSets can be added to. These are references to nodes in the scene
    • Plane nodes added. You can now define planes in the scene, and these planes can be used as cutting planes in the remeshing processor, optionally using selectionsets to only use specific planes
    • SelectNodes functions for quickly generating selection sets
    • CreateChild<Type> functions added to SceneNode, for example: node->CreateChildMesh(geometryData). This streamlines scene creation
    • Functions for combining all geometry in the scene into a single GeometryData are now availible, optionally using a SelectionSet to only combine a subset of geometries
  •  Processors
    • You can now define a ProcessingSelectionSet to selectively process a subset of the input scene
  •  Reduction
    • Overhaul of reduction targets and stop conditions. Now supports any combination of the four supported target types: Triangle count, triangle ratio, max deviation and onscreen size
    • Updated geomorph support for completely seamless LOD switches
    • Significant performance improvements
  • Remeshing 
    • Now supports multiple and non-axis-aligned cutting planes
    • New EmptySpaceOverride setting enables remeshing of house interiors and caves
    • Significant performance improvements
  • BoneReducer 
    • Processing settings overhauled to better correspond with reduction processor settings
  • Welder 
    • Previously only part of reduction processor, now made publicly accessible

Breaking API changes

  • Processors
    • All processors (ReductionProcessor, RemeshingProcessor, AggregationProcessor, ImpostorProcessor) now only take scene inputs.
  • Aggregation 
    • SceneAggregator renamed to AggregationProcessor. Settings for chart aggregation moved to MappingImageSettings.
  • Reduction
    • The FeatureFlags settings have been removed, from now on only use the Importance settings.
    • The EnablePreProcessing and EnablePostProcessing settings have been removed. Settings for the individual elements are still availible.
  • Settings 
    • Some settings have been renamed to better align with our naming convention.
  • A complete list of all breaking changes can be found here

New API examples

  • Geomorph
  • Cutting planes
  • Chart aggregator


General bug fixes


Version 6.2

New API tools

  • ImpostorProcessor : Processor which generates a billboard impostor geometry and mapping image based on a original geometry from a specific viewing angle. Example added.
  • SurfaceMapper : Tool which creates a mapping image between two user-defined geometries, enabling material casting. Example added.

New API features

  • RemeshingProcessor : Added a setting for surface transfer mode, which can speed up processing at the cost of quality.
  • ReductionProcessor : Geomorph functionality added - Now possible to create a blended geometry for smooth LOD-transitions. Data for blending not only Vertex positions, but also normals, UVs, bones etc.
  • MaterialCaster : All material casters now support setting FillMode, ie. what to do with gutter space in the cast textures.
  • Parameterizer : Overhaul to Parameterizer, now generates better charts

Breaking API changes

  • NormalCaster : The old UseNearestNeighbor flag has been replaced by the FillMode option.


  • Added Maya 2016 plugin support.


  • Added Max 2016 plugin support.

General bug fixes


Version 6.1

New Additions to the API

  • Breaking Changes to API
    • spShadingTextureNode : SetTextureLevel & SetTexturePath has been removed.
    • Use spTexture and spTextureTable instead.
  • Texture Table and Textrue Object. (Simplygon Shading Network)
  • CusotmShadingNode with callback
  • Bake Texture Data to Vertex Color
  • Preserve/Reuse UVs when doing material lod.
  • Reduction base on triangle count.
  • GUI support for reading custom simplygon shading networks.


  • Added Maya 2015 plugin support.
  • New script methods:
    • Utility method to get camera distance from pixel size.
    • Utility method to get pixel size for camera distance.
    • Setup Simplygon Shading Networks


  • Added Max 2015 plugin support.
  • Baked texture to vertex data.
  • New scirpts method added:
    • Change the postfix on simplygon generated LOD.
    • Utility method to get camera distance from pixel size.
    • Utility method to get pixel size for camera distance.
    • Setup Simplygon Shading Networks

General bug fixes


Version 6.0

New API Features

  • New Normal Calculator with significantly improved normal handling in the reducer.
  • Support for Multiple Mapping Images and Multi Material Output while casting.
  • Support for Automatic symmetry detection.
  • Improved atlas packing and parameterization when generating tex-coords.
  • New Processor (MeshCombiner / Aggregate LOD)

Other New Features

  • GUI : Visibility aided triangle reduction
  • GUI : Visibility aided MaterialLODs

General bug fixes


Version 5.5

New API Features

  • Ability to create and hook shading networks.
  • HLSL Code generation from shading network

Other New Featues

  • MayaPlugin: Selection Sets (Edge Loops) are supported
  • MayaPlugin: Selection Sets (Edge Loops) visualization in Simplygon GUI
  • Edge Loop Feature Importance
  • Material LOD: Material Replacement
  • User / Visibility weighting for UV's.
  • Drag & Drop Settings Files into GUI

General bug fixes


Version 5.3

  • Decal Remover
  • Blend Shape Support in Maya
  • New Max and Maya script functions
  • General bug fixes
  • Intel HD Graphics card support added


Version 5.2

  • Optional merge distance in ProxyLOD
  • Opacity Caster
  • Improvements to Softimage Plugin
  • Max added support to map custom names to DXShaderSearch
  • General Bug fixes


Version 5.1

  • New and improved next generation material caster
  • Massive speedup with multicore support
  • New and impoved Normal Caster and Normal calculator
  • Updated API documentation
  • General Bug fixes


Version 5.0

  • Added feature SmartImprove
  • Added feature RepositionVertices
  • Added Softimage 2013 support
  • Original normal casting in ProxyLOD
  • Geomorph data generation
  • Updated API documentation
  • Added DataCreationPreferences support in MeshLOD

Breaking changes

  • Updates to GUI interface settings, some settings have been moved


Version 4.5

  • Selectable image file output formats in GUI (.png, .tga, .jpeg, 8/16 bits)
  • Maya 2013 Extension (2013.5) support
  • Maya Attribute Support
  • 3dsMax explicit normal support


Version 4.4

  • Next-gen mesh support for 256 UV & Color channels, and skinning support for 16 bones per vertex
  • 3dsMax DirectX Shader material import support
  • Vertex Illumination support in 3dsMax plugin
  • MaterialID visualization in GUI
  • GUI rendering shortcuts added
  • FPS camera in GUI


Version 4.3

  • Vertex weights paint tool added
  • 3dsMax 2013 plugin added
  • Multi-layer texture support in Maya plugin
  • Improved MeshLOD symmetry support
  • Bone visualization in GUI
  • Modified weights import in Max/Maya plugins


Version 4.2

  • Added skinning support when generating proxy meshes
  • Added new parameterizer as default parameterizer, adds speed ups and more robust processing
  • General speed ups of reducer, in some cases up to 3 times the performance


Version 4.1

  • Added symmetry-aware reduction
  • Added cascaded LOD creation (where each LOD is based on the previous LOD)
  • Added skinning support in ProxyLOD (API)
  • Added intro screen with links to tutorials/features of Simplygon
  • Maya 2013 plugin


Version 4.0

  • Added BoneLOD to reduction
  • Alpha texture sampling in color caster
  • Per-vertex reduction weighting
  • Full scripting support in Max/Maya
  • New fade transition in GUI (Using multisampling and A2C)
  • BoneLOD support in Max/Maya
  • LOD pop comparison mode in GUI
  • Maya Batch mode support
  • Settable sRGB support in casting
  • Support support for custom casting channels
  • Support for multiple texturing in material casting
  • Support for up to 8 texture and 8 vertex color channels in reducer
  • Support for any number of custom channels


Third-party licenses

The following third party open-source software are used in the making of Simplygon.