Introduction to terrain culling

In this blog we'll showcase how to cull away triangles that are below terrain. This is useful for aggregation and remeshing. We'll also showcase some common pitfalls.

Using your own shaders for material baking with Compute Casting

Today we will look at how to create proxies for object with custom shaders. We are going to use compute casters in combination with scene descriptions serialized to xml files to create a batch processor indented to process HLOD meshes. We'll also cover clipping planes.

Customer story: LOD Authoring in Forza Horizon 5

In this post we will show how Forza Horizon 5, the latest award-winning open world racing game from Playground Games, is using Simplygon to run smoothly.

Customer Story: How Simplygon enables large scale optimization in Flight Simulator

The Flight Simulator game is in many aspects very complex from a rendering and data perspective in comparison with other games. The vast view distances, the detailed landmarks and the whole world as playable area makes the asset optimization strategy a very important part of the game production.

Remeshing terrain chunks for hierarchical LODs in C++

In this example we will discuss how to utilize the remeshing processor for generating a grid of HLOD terrain chunks from a large terrain input geometry. In doing so, we'll go over some basic geometry manipulation, remeshing fundamentals, and advanced usage of some remeshing processor functionality.

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